Old Wild Kratts Games : How to Play them Online in 2023 ?

Old Wild Kratts Games

We spent the a lot of our time glued to the keyboard, discovering and enjoying intriguing online games. Wild kratts games were one of my favorite that I used to play on PBS kids Go. After the disappearance of  many games in mid-2019 from PBS Kids website, many fans were highly disappointed. There were only 11 games left out of the 30 games that were originally there. We loved Old Wild Kratts Games like Go Cheetah Go, Glide Draco Glide, Kickboxing Kangaroo, Caracal Leap, Go Nuts! Firefly Flash, Ride on Remora, Dolphin Dive, Slither Run, Flower Flier, Croc Hatch, Going Batty!, Frogfish Feast, Aardvark Town, Webtastic! Creature Roundup, and Habitat Rescue. These games were considered a classic among many Wild Kratts lovers even today.

There was a Your Room feature on Wild Kratts, where you can create an avatar to earn the Creature Power Suits and a Habitats feature to explore the regions of the Earth with the Creature Powers. It was also removed😭

What happened to the Old Wild Kratts Games ?

Old Wild Kratts Games were removed because of discontinuation of Flash. Adobe declared that Flash would be phased out of support and no longer be distributed by the end of 2020. Flash was used in 80 percent of PBS Kids.org’s content, they had to retire it in 2019 before it was killed out, which includes the Wild Kratts games, Habitats, and Your Room. DisneyFan202, who deactivated their FANDOM account earlier this year, started a petition to bring back ancient Wild Kratts games and features, but in their most recent post, they pushed “Flashpoint,” a preservation site that allows users to play archived Flash games that would never stop.

Where to play old Wild Kratts Games ?

Adobe Flash Player Plugin is no longer supported and Flash Game websites have removed all Flash Content but you can still see old version of websites with Internet Archive Websites e.g WayBack Archive. You’ll need Ruffle Plugin to run old games and flash content from Internet Archive.

Second option to play Old Wild Kratt games is BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint. It is a project that has conserved over 70,000 Flash games and animations, including with practically many of  the deleted Wild Kratts games.

Here are some Top old games:

Habitat rescue

wild kratts habitat rescue game
Habitat Rescue Game!, was a game on the PBS Kids GO! Website, taking place during the first season of Wild Kratts. In this game, the villains Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata, and Chef Gourmand devise a complex plan to capture three separate habitats and the animals that reside there, forcing the team to go into rescue mode. To go past the villains’ traps, rescue the creatures, and repair the habitats, the player must use their Creature Powers, which they have gained via seven various games, as well as their creature knowledge.

The game has been removed from the Wild Kratts website on February 2nd, 2019, as part of PBS Kid’s purge of Flash-based material in the aftermath of Flash’s demise in 2021.

Kickboxing Kangaroo

Kickboxing Kangaroo, based on the episode Kickin’ It With the Roos, is one of the famous and most played game on the Wild Kratts website on PBS Kids GO.org. The game follows a red kangaroo who is fighting to protect his position as the mob’s top roo by confronting an outsider roo who is seeking to take over his mob. To overcome the challenger, the head roo must employ specific fighting talents. If the challenger wins, the roo boss loses and is exiled from the tribe; however, if the roo boss wins, he keeps his hold on the tribe. This Games is still playable on Bluemaxima Flashpoint.

Go Cheetah Go!

Go Cheetah Go!, also known as Cheetah Racer, was a game based on the episode “Cheetah Racer” on the Wild Kratts website on PBS Kids GO!.org. The goal of the game is to create a fully functional cheetah racer based on a genuine cheetah and utilize it to compete against other cheetah racers in an all-out sprint. To proceed to the next level, the user’s cheetah racer must win all three laps in one level. After completing the third level, their avatar will receive the Cheetah Power Disc for their Creature Power Suit, which they can test out in the Your Room link on the homepage and utilize in the African Savannah Habitat. This Game and other old games from Wild Kratts are available on Bluemaxima Flashpoint.

Aviva’s Eel-Ectric Challenge!

Avivas Eel Ectric Challenge

The Wild Kratts game Aviva’s Eel-lectric Challenge! Was based on the episode Eel-lectric! It’s currently available on the PBS website for the Wild Kratts (Kids.org). It entails the player putting Aviva’s Electric Eel Power Suit to the test by putting Martin in the suit and taking part in a challenge involving robotic fish. Game Link: https://pbskids.org/wildkratts/games/avivas-eel-ectric-challenge

Draco Glide

Draco Glide, also known as Glide Draco Glide, was a game based on the episode “Flight of the Draco” on the Wild Kratts website on PBS Kids GO. A draco lizard glides from tree to tree through various hoops in this game set in the Indonesian Rainforest. The hoops are used to score points. To move to the next level, the player must score at least a certain number of points in 90 seconds. After completing level 3, their avatar will receive the Draco Lizard Power Disc for their Creature Power Suit, which they can test out in the Your Room link on the homepage. You can play this game in 2022 with Flashpoint.

Which Old Wild Kratts Game do you remember the most ?, Tell us in Comments your favorite old PBS Kids Games

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