Postopia Old Games : How to play them in 2023 ?

Back in the day, I used to play Postopia games! Coming home early to play games with Fruity/Cocoa Pebbles, Honeycomb, Golden Crisp, Oreo O’s, and other cereals was really fun. I was just wondering about old Postopia games, so I searched them up and discovered that most of them are Lost due to Postopia website dismiss. One of my favorite game was Postopia’s big mouth honeycomb cereal game. I remembered it now, and now I’m feeling big nostalgia for old postopia games. Those games were entertaining and I really miss them. In general, Postopia was fantastic!

Postopia Old Website

What happened to Postopia ?

Postopia was shut down in 2011 and replaced with When this happened, many of the games from the old site were lost. In August 2013,, due to some unknown reasons, this site was also closed. Another reason, due to which Old Postopia games were dismissed was adobe Flash discontinuation. Many flash games like Old Postopia games were deleted from the browser with the end of Adobe flash. Adobe Flash Player Plugin is no longer supported but several online tools and methods can still be used to play these nostalgic games. Some, but not all, of the Postopia games are still playable on other websites.  Learn more that how you can still play Old Postopia games.

Where Can I Play the Old Postopia Games ?

Many of the old Postopia games are available on Wayback Machine Archive. Wayback Archive store data of all old websites but you need ruffle plugin to play flash content. Second Method to play old games is BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint, games like Night Spy Mission can still be played with BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint. Bluemaxima’s flashpoint has archived many of the flash games including lost postopia games, on the internet and made it possible to play them.

List of old Postopia games :

I remember playing some of the Postopia games, but can’t remember the name of all the games. You might be familiar with some old games, so here are old postopia games list:

Night spy mission

Night Spy Mission

Night spy mission is an adventure game. It is very simple to play. In this game you can use the arrow keys to move. Then you find exit keys to pass each level. You have to avoid the noisy red-hazards and keep your scope eager. To get the keys you have to collect objects in the room. I remember playing this sleepover game for hours. It was really fantastic! This game is still available on BlueMaxima flash point. So you can enjoy playing this game.

Zander’s Wild Time Rescue

zander's wild time rescue

Another adventure game by Postopia was Zanders Wild Time Rescue. In this game, Zapper, zander’s robo-dog, activated the time scrambler and traveled to ancient Egypt! Zender must travel back in time to save him! Zander must cross through 5 chambers to save zapper. Each of the five chambers presents a different difficulty. It was a fun game, but unfortunately this game is lost. Way Back Archive Link:

Be A Popstar

Be a Popstar

Be a popstar was quite a cool game. You get to choose from four distinct groups of people who all bring different genres of music. You are given a list of daily selections from which to choose, and you can make modifications at the pop store. I used to spend all my time on playing this game as a kid. It is really a fantastic game. Wayback Archive Link:

Kiki’s Dream Room Designer

As a kid, I always wished to become an interior designer. So playing Kiki’s dream room made my childhood more memorable. Selecting furniture of your own choice such as doors, windows, photos, lamps, wallpapers, and carpets was really fun. Kiki’s Dream Room Designer was a free, family-friendly game.

Oreo O’s Creme Team Journey game

Childhood nostalgia, I used to sit and waych my big bro play this on the old computer. It was a fun game.

The Flintstones Pebbles

The Flintstones Pebbles was a game on Postopia in which you played as Fred Flintstone. This game takes me way back when I was a kid, one the reasons I was happy as a kid. Archive Link:


Bedrock Bobsleddin’ Blowout

Bedrock Bobsleddin Blowout

In this game, Fred Flinstone was competing in a bobsleigh race. We have to help him in reaching the next checkpoint, before the time runs out. There were spoons and plates with salad, that looks so delicious! I was always furious to collect bonuses and power-ups, to boast up my also increase my score. In this game, Fred Flinstone gets to eat anything. It was a fun game and can be still played through archived links. Game Link :

Waffle boy mountain adventure

Waffle Boy’s Mountain Adventure was a browser game published by Postopia in 2004. It was one of the best game, as we have to stop Professor Burnt Toast from destroying all of the world’s delectable waffle crisp in this game! In this game we have to help Waffle Boy to fight with enemies in the jungle and stop professor burnt toast’s evil plan. I used to spend hours in playing this delicious waffle game. You can still play this game and other old games with Flashpoint.

Check out other Old Postopia Games, I really miss those 🥺



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