Old PBS Kids Games : How to Play Old PBS Kids Flash Games ?

Old PBS KidsAs a kid I loved playing PBS Kids Flash games. I was pretty young when I played these games, and I was trying to find them. But I know they’re gone.  However, through  some other websites such as archive.org, these games can be played. I remember playing a lot of PBS Kids flash games, and I have some pretty specific ones that I hope other people might remember. The Fetch! Games were one of my most favorite games, especially Move It or Luge It game. Curious George games were also fantastic. The one where you help a little monkey to do different task brings back a lot of memories. I’m still haunted by the sound effects. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about one game in particular lately. I can’t remember much about the game, but I remember playing these games as a kid. All I remember is that the characters were apparently astronauts, and they went to different planets. I recall the games being simplistic in appearance, but I really loved to play those PBS Flash games in 2000s when I was a Kid. Here, we can enjoy remembering about the good old days’ time spent while playing PBS kids Flash games. It recollects a lot of memories of our childhood. I have also guided to play these games now even after the end of Flash Player.

What happened to old PBS Kids Games?

Old PBS Kids Games

Due to Adobe declared the discontinuation of Flash because of many concerns, several games are no longer available on the PBS Kids website. Because Flash was used in 80 % of PBSKids.org’s content, they had to retire it in 2019 before it was killed off, which includes the Wild Kratts games, Zoom games, and many more. Some websites started a petition to bring back ancient PBS kids games and features, but it doesn’t worked well. However, according to most recent update, Flashpoint was pushed as a preservation site that allows users to play archived Flash games that would never stop. The site has undergone changes over the years. Adobe Flash was a key component of the internet’s infrastructure. However, due to a number of major difficulties, Adobe announced that Flash would be phased out of support and distribution by the end of 2020. Some of the old PBS games were replaced by some new versions of those games. While the Adobe Flash Player Plugin is no longer supported, several online tools and methods can still be used to play these nostalgic games. After Adobe Flash ended, many internet archive websites became the new home for flash games. Even though there are numerous plugins available that allow you to emulate all of your favorite flash games.

How to play Old PBS Kids Games ?

When Adobe Flash was retired, followers and admirers of Old PBS Kids games were disappointed. Old PBS Kids games brings happy memories for all of us because we used to love playing games in which we had to save animals and their homes from various difficulties. Following the retirement of Adobe Flash, most internet archives started collecting all flash games, apps, and animations, and these websites began to store all flash-based material. As a result, you may play most of your favorite PBS Kids games using emulation and other plugins. You’ll need Ruffle Plugin to run Flash Content in Browser. Ruffle brings Flash-based content back to the web, including iOS and Android browsers, where it belongs. The Ruffle plugin recognises all existing Flash material on a website, allowing websites that still use Flash content to be upgraded in a seamless and clear manner. Even after December 2020, you can still access all Flash media via the Internet Archive sites and the Ruffle emulator.

BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint is an other option to play these old PBS Kids Flash games. It is a project that has saved over 70,000 Flash games and animations, including most of the deleted PBS Kids games.

PBS Kids Website from 2005 to 2010:

Old PBS Kids Website 2010: https://web.archive.org/web/20100301183717/http://pbskids.org/

Here are Old PBS Kids Games we loved to play in 2000s, You may remember some or all of them 😀

Old Cyberchase Games

Cyber Chase Quest 1: Mission Motherboard

Old PBS Kids Flash Games

Cyberchase: The Quest is a point-and-click adventure game with an isometric perspective. The first Quest on Cyberchase Online is Quest 1: Mission Motherboard, which has recently been renamed Cyberchase: Mission Motherboard. The user can move their character between screens, converse with non-playable individuals, buy and exchange stuff with shops, and interact with and collect certain objects. It was eliminated in the 2019 makeover, but was reintroduced on May 7, 2020, with new features such as voice acting.

Game Link: https://www.gameszap.com/game/5210/quest-1-mission-motherboard.html

Cyber Chase Quest 2: Race for Radopolis

old cyberchase games
old PBS Kids cyberchase games

Race for Radopolis was the second adventure in the Cyberchase Quest series, and your goal was to explore the new area of Radopolis and optimise your skateboard for the huge race you were going to compete in. Doesn’t it sound incredible? To begin, pick a character to play in the game. I really loved to play this game!

Game Linkhttps://www.play-games.com/game/32603/cyberchase-quest-2-race-for-radopolis.html

Cyberchase Quest 3: EcoHaven Emergency

Cyberchase game Quest 3: EcoHaven Emergency, in which your mission was to assemble the eco-protector in order to prevent Hacker from destroying Eco-Haven, Cyberspace’s best-kept ecological haven. The motherboard aided you in completing your job, which was to halt the Hacker, and you will be moving from place to place, acquiring items or performing tasks. To begin, pick a character to play in the game. You can also buy or trade cool goods to decorate your room while on your travels. That was a fun game to play!

Game Link: https://www.gameszap.com/game/5214/quest-3-ecohaven-emergency.html

Cyberchase: Railroad Repair

Railroad Repair is a Cyberchase game in which you and the Cybersquad will once again show to be very beneficial to the people of Cyberspace. Because the railroad is destroyed, the Cybertrain that runs through it and transports countless people to their destinations will be unable to reach their destination. You’re going to use the power of decimals to repair it. The hacker has removed several sections of the railroad track, so you’ll have to replace them.

Game Link: https://www.gameszap.com/game/5220/railroad-repair.html

Old Arthur games:

The Music Box

The Music Box was a game on the PBS Kids website’s Arthur page. Moving picture pieces appear in the left panel, and the player must choose one of six tracks to play. The player can pick between a 4-piece and a 9-piece puzzle, and must place them in the correct panel to complete the image. Each song has its own animation and challenge to solve: Believe in Yourself, The UFO Song, Lucky Pencil, Library Card, Go to Sleep, Crazy Bus. When the website was rebuilt in October 2011, it was removed. You can still play this game on Flashpoint.

Story Scramble

Binky’s Story Scramble was a game on the PBS Kids website’s Arthur page. In Binky’s Story Scramble, the player must piece together a story by rearranging three panels in a logical order. They can have Binky read the narrative aloud and comment on whether or not they are correct. Based on the episodes, there are 18 tales in the game. In February 2016, it was taken down from the site and removed from the menu.

Game Link: https://web.archive.org/web/20080716073806/http://pbskids.org/arthur/games/storyscramble/index.html

Scoop game

Scoop! was a game on the PBS Kids website’s Arthur page. In the Ice Cream Shop, a customer will place their order in the form of a pun. Buster must choose the ice cream that the individual is describing from the menu. He must first study a recipe that includes three flavours and one topping before he can begin assembling the ice cream. When he gets the right combination, the individual thanks him and offers him a tip, the amount of which is determined by whether he correctly identified the order and how many tries it took to get it right. In 2018, it was taken down from the website.

Alien Assembly Required

old pbs kids arthur games

Alien: Assembly Required is a game on the PBS Kids website’s Arthur page. Buster is resting in bed in this game, watching at the flickering light on his ceiling smoke alarm. He imagines a Flying Saucer landing in his garden. Buster has a big imagination, so it’s no surprise that he considers such things, but it also means that spending time with him is always a blast. You are free to choose your own alien. To design your alien, simply drag the section of the body you wish to utilize onto the right screen, and the alien will appear. You can make it in a variety of ways!

Game Link: https://www.gameszap.com/game/2931/alien-assembly-required.html

Take a look on other old Arthur Games we used to Play on PBS Kids website, It gives a lot of Nostalgia 😭

More Arthur Games : https://www.gameszap.com/arthur-games.html

Old PBS Kids Zoom games:


Old PBS Kids Zoom games

EekoWorld was a pbskids.org webpage. Along with the learning pages about the environment, you could play two primary minigames on this webpage, both of which were centred on cleaning up rubbish and safeguarding the environment. These games were known as EekoCreature and EekoHouse, and the protagonist was Cheeko, a monkey-shark-snake-bird hybrid.

Webpage Link: http://r53-vip-soup.pbskids.org/eekoworld/

Note : You’ll need Ruffle Plugin to Play Flash Content on PBS Eeekoworld page.


In EekoHouse, the user would go through a house and try to cure all of the non-environmentally friendly issues in ten minutes before being picked up by the bus, which would terminate the game.


The user builds a unique creature that is a mix of various distinct creatures in this game. To finish the game, the player must assist their new animal in surviving in the habitat chosen by the user. Air, land, or water are all viable options.

Goldburger To Go

Old Zoom Games

Zoom’s Goldburger To Go was a fast, free Flash game. In this game, we must arrange several components of a Rube Goldberg apparatus such that a burger, chips, and soft drink are delivered to the Zoom crew on a skateboard. There were just 13 pieces to position, and the game will provide you hints if you fail to complete the process. It took me about ten minutes to complete. I’m not advocating it because it’s mind-bending; rather, it’s charming, hilarious, and a nice way to kill ten minutes, as well as a wonderful antidote for those of you who are growing bald trying to deal with Ouverture Facile.

Game Link: https://www.oyuncubey.com/en/games/CilginIcat.aspx

PBS Webpage: http://r53-vip-soup.pbskids.org/zoom/games/goldburgertogo/realworld.html

Three Puck Chuck

Old PBS Zoom Games

3 Puck Chuck is a Zoom hockey game that is a combination of air hockey and golf. This game, along with many other Flash-based PBS games, was published to the PBS Kids website in June 2005 and was deleted in late 2018.

Game Link: https://web.archive.org/web/20080717065905/http://pbskids.org/zoom/games/3puckchuck/

Old Curious George Games

Curious George – Mix and Paint

Old Curious George Games

Curious George mixing paints, was a very famous game. What color is a mix of colors? It was very helpful and learning game. Spice up your favorite color with game!

Game Link: https://www.gameszap.com/game/3320/mix-and-paint.html

Curious George – Day at the Beach English Game

old curious george PBS games

Playing Curious George Day at the Beach was really fun. it was an English Game in which a yellow hat man guides you how to play at beach.

Game Link: https://www.gameszap.com/game/3335/day-at-the-beach.html

Curious George – Museum of Tens

In this game George trying to find the missing pieces in the museum. Counting the few pieces that are missing.

Secret Agent George – Curious George

Secret Agent George Curious is secret agent. He has a very important task to work as a secret agent. He will accomplish this with your help! In this game, we assisted George to finds hidden clues.

Game Link: https://pbskids.org/curiousgeorge/games/secret_agent/

Build -a – Bot – Curious George Game

George is building a robot to perform different task. He needs your help. In this game, we helped George to click on different parts and put on robot.

Game Link: https://pbskids.org/curiousgeorge/games/build_a_bot/

Flower Garden – Curious George

In Curious George Flower Garden game, George grows flower in a garden. In this game, we helped George to count how many flowers are there.

Game Link: https://pbskids.org/curiousgeorge/busyday/flowers/

Pet Day Care- Curious George

In CURIOUS GEORGE Pet Day Care, George take care of pets and play with them. In this game, we helped George to find the pets.

Old Sprout games from PBS Kids:

Jakers Egg Collector game

old sprout games

Jackers egg collector game was my favorite game in childhood. In this game kids help Piggley collect eggs as they fall from the hens. Animals come in all shapes and sizes. Ask kids to sort their favorites by color, number of legs, habitat, or diet.

Game Link: https://pbskids.org/sprout_games/jakers/eggcollector/

old fetch with ruff ruffman games :

Move it or Luge it!

This was an awesome game from Fetch Games.

Game Link: https://web.archive.org/web/20100223015155/http://pbskids.org/fetch/games/luge/game.html 

Fetch with Ruff Ruffman Spyhounds Parachute Plunge!

Game Link: https://web.archive.org/web/20160506044544/https://pbskids.org/fetch/spyhounds/poodlediamond/games/parachute/index.html

Fetch! – Germinator

I used to struggle with this game as a child, I could only get as far as Trumpet’s eye entry, Only ONCE did I beat the WHOLE game, now, I can beat it everytime
WHOAHler Coaster!
While the game does help teach about roller coasters, its controls are too rigid, thus making the game less fun than those of the original series. However, I am currently not aware of exactly how old this game is.

old Wild Kratts games from PBS Kids:

Some of the famous old wild kratt games were:

Habitat rescue

wild kratts habitat rescue game

During the first season of Wild Kratts, a game called Habitat Rescue Game! was released on the PBS Kids GO! website. The player must use their Creature Powers, which they have obtained via seven other games, as well as their creature knowledge, to get past the villains’ traps, rescue the creatures, and repair the habitats. On February 2nd, 2019, the game was deleted off the Wild Kratts website as part of PBS Kid’s purge of Flash-based programming in the wake of Flash’s retirement in 2021.

Kickboxing Kangaroo

Kickboxing Kangaroo is a popular and widely played game on the Wild Kratts website on PBS Kids GO.org, based on the episode Kickin’ It With the Roos. The game follows a red kangaroo who is defending his territory. If the challenger wins, the roo boss loses and is expelled from the tribe; if the roo boss wins, he retains his power.

Go Cheetah Go!

Cheetah, go! Go!, also known as Cheetah Racer, was a game based on the Wild Kratts episode “Cheetah Racer” on the PBS Kids GO!.org website. The objective of the game is to build a fully working cheetah racer based on a real cheetah and use it to compete against other cheetah racers in a sprint to the finish line. This Game and other old games from Wild Kratts are available on Bluemaxima Flashpoint.

Aviva’s Eel-Ectric Challenge!

Avivas Eel Ectric Challenge

Aviva’s Eel-ectric Challenge is a Wild Kratts game. Eel-ectric! was the inspiration for this episode. It’s currently available on the PBS Wild Kratts website (Kids.org). It requires the player to put Aviva’s Electric Eel Power Suit to the test by putting Martin in the suit and participating in a robotic fish challenge.

Link: https://pbskids.org/wildkratts/games/avivas-eel-ectric-challenge

Draco Glide

Draco Glide, also known as Glide Draco Glide, was a game based on the Wild Kratts website on PBS Kids GO’s episode “Flight of the Draco.” In this game set in the Indonesian Rainforest, a draco lizard glides from tree to tree through several hoops. Points are scored by shooting hoops.


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