OLD Lego Games : How to Play old Lego Bionicle Flash Games ?

Lego games is undoubtedly one of the finest gift that this world has ever produced, at least that’s what I thought when I was 10 years old. Kids nowadays have no idea how much they have missed, especially when it comes to old LEGO video games. Lego website had the top Flash games from 2000’s. The best part was that there were so many different kinds of LEGO games to pick from, such as The Great Lego Dino Quest (2001), Galidor Quest, Lego Studios Backlot, Junkbot & Junkbot Undercover. But the one I remember the most  is Bionicle flash games. Lego should bring those games back. I have found out different ways to play them now even after discontinuation of flash.

What happened to OLD LEGO and BIONICLE Games ?

Old Flash Games

Old Lego and Bionicle games were one of the best Flash games in 2000’s. But after the retirement of Flash based content, these games were lost. That’s why most of the OLD LEGO and BIONICLE Games are missing today. Another reason for Old Lego games disappearance was the replacement of old games with new updated game. These game were my childhood in a nutshell, that’s why I loved those games, as I grew up in the early 2000s. However, several online tools and methods helps to play these old Lego games. Learn more that how you can still play your favorite Lego and Bionicle games.

How to find old online Lego flash games?

As I always remained the big fan of Old Lego games, so I tried to find these games in 2020’s. I visited the Lego official website, but unluckily it contains only massive catalog of online games. However, I found an internet archive website that has almost all the recovered Lego Games. BioMedia Project has archived all the Lego and Bionicle Flash games, that were missing over years. You can Play your favorite Old Lego and Bionicle games by the help of BioMedia Project.

Old Lego Website from 2000s:

Old Lego Games
Old Lego Flash Games

2006 : https://web.archive.org/web/20060615205300/http://www.lego.com/eng/default.aspx

old Lego Bionicle games

2009 :  https://web.archive.org/web/20090706194804/http://www.lego.com/en-US/default.aspx


How to Play OLD LEGO and BIONICLE Games ?

Due to retirement of Adobe Flash, most of the Lego Games have been discharged over the years. but I loved to play those games that’s why I looked up a way to find them. Let’s discuss some of these method to play your favorite OLD LEGO and BIONICLE games. Many Internet Archive Websites became host to Flash-based material once Adobe Flash was discontinued. BioMedia Project has archived all the Lego and Bionicle games. Also, through the Wayback archive link, you can play your favorite Flash games. Various flash games can also be played with emulation and other plugins. Another option to play these games is with BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint. BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint is a project dedicated at preserving as many web games as possible if you appreciate them. So, even after December 2020, you can still access all Flash media via the Internet Archive sites and the Bluemaxima flash point. You may now play Old Lego Flash games using the Ruffle plugin. Ruffle is a browser plugin that allows you to play flash games right in your browser. So, you can still play your favorite on internet archive sites and also through BlueMaxima flashpoint, and ruffle plugin.

Here I have made Guide to Play Old Lego Bionicle Flash Games:

Here are some old Lego flash games I loved to play in 2000s, You may remember some or all of them 😀

Lego Builder Island 

It is old lego game where you build vehicles to go through a level. Players can explore a large island and construct a variety of LEGO vehicles, ranging from monster trucks and houses to big animals and docks. Ahh! I remember this game. As a kid I played it a lot. Also like few days before i found my 5 years old tablet it still has it installed I spent all night playing it. Damn, so much nostalgia!! Those were the best days.

LEGO The Robot Chronicles

The Robot Chronicles was a lego.com game with the themes of city, racing, and, most notably, agents. It was fun to drive through LEGO City completing objectives and tasks to unlock different cars and vehicles.
The nostalgic memories are flooding my mind. I was completely obsessed with this game, and I’m pissed that LEGO got rid of it. It is available to play on Bluemaxima Flashpoint.

Lego backlot

WHAT A GAME!!! You could walk around and interact with objects and do whatever you wanted! I could run about pretending to be a coffee shop owner. I could simply explore, jump off of objects, discover secrets, and solve mysterious problems. When I was younger, I used to play this game a lot. I’m astonished games back then had such fantastic animations and physics. This game was like a free Playground.

Tower Climber and Speed Chamber

Tower climber and speed chamber was one of my favorite Lego game! in which you’re a green knight who’s chosen to wear a full suit of armor to climb up the side of a huge wall. And it’s not as if it offers you any protection against the snakes, scorpions and falling rocks. I had so much fun playing this game at the age of 8 in 2005, partially because of how Rascus fell of the wall screaming with the “falling whistle”-sound. However, after a few attempts, I finally beat the game.

Lego Junkbot

This game was my childhood in a nutshell. In this game you need to let the huge garbage can eat all of the mini garbage cans. Place the Lego blocks in a way that they can reach anywhere. I remember when I was old enough to have my own account, but then this game was gone 🙁

Lego Agents: Mission X

This was another best game I played almost every day on the official LEGO website in 2009. In this game you could travel all over LEGO City, drive races, arrest criminals, you could even fix the road. Also the final boss was Dr. Inferno in a giant mechanical suit and you had to trap him somewhere while he was destroying the whole city. It was the best time!

LEGO Dino Attack

Dino Attack was an online game on Lego website. In the game, you needs to get all the eggs and try to stay alive. Dinosaurs tries to attack you. While you defend yourself by blowing them up. I remember playing this game so much as a kid. The roar of the trex! Man, The nostalgia is real!

Lego City! Time to Build

I remember playing Lego City! Time to Build Game, in which you got to drive around in the city and had to complete objectives to finally save the city. It was an amazing game. I loved playing this game multiple times as a kid. Those were much simpler times!

Here I have made complete guide to play old Lego Bionicle web games:

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