Old CBeebies Games : How to Play them in 2023?

Old Cbeebies Games : I remember the classic golden era of the CBeebies website with plenty of Flash educational online games. CBeebies Games were popular among children in the UK. In 2000’s, CBeebies was worth watching and aired loads of great shows. Nowadays their Schedual is almost completely uninteresting.  CBeebies Flash Games on almost every animated series, seen on the channel, was really epic.

Old Cbeebies Games

I always remembered this one game, which always terrified me as a kid, I can’t recall much about it but the characters were ant-like creatures with heads in a maze. These games were cool! I mostly remember playing the Teletubbies games, specially Tubby Custard Bubbles and Boom boom dance game when I was little. Although way out, it was entertaining to play! I also loved to play bob the builder games, since these cartoon series were my favorite. One of these games were relay race, in which we help bob to collect his tools. There were a lot exciting flash games on CBeebies. Ahhh! good old child hood memories. I believe! it’s a little missing now, but they were still a lot of fun to play. Cbeebies have removed many old flash games but there are still different ways to play old Cbeebies games in 2022😃.

if you are wondering 🤔

What Happened to Old CBeebies Games?

As the Adobe Flash Player Plugin is no longer supported, all the flash games were discontinued from the internet, including Old Cbeebies games 🥺. Another reason for cbeebies games dismiss was the replacement of old games with new updated games. Some old shows were also stopped airing, that’s why many games got lost. I still love those games, as I grew up in the early 2000s. Cbeebies should bring them back! However, several online tools and methods helps to play these old games. Learn more that how you can still play your favorite Cbeebies games.

How to Play old CBeebies games?

Unluckily, most of the Cbeebies Games have been retired over the years. But I really loved to play Old Cbeebies Games such as bob the builder flash games, feebles games and so on, so I looked up a way to find them. Let’s discuss some of these method to play your favorite Cbeebies games. After Adobe Flash terminated, many Internet Archive Websites become home of Flash based content. You can play your favorite Flash games through Wayback archive. You’ll need Ruffle Plugin to run flash content in 2022.

BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint is another way to play these games. If you enjoy web games, BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint have many old cbeebies games. It is a project aimed to preserving old flash games.

Old Cbeebies website: Cbeebies BBC Website (2006) : https://web.archive.org/web/20060326204935/http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/

2008 website: https://web.archive.org/web/20080331072949/http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/

2010 website: https://web.archive.org/web/20100331072949/http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/

Here are some Popular CBeebies Old Games , I have Provided links to games that are still available to Play. You’ll need to Ruffle Plugin to run the old flash games.


The ever-popular Teletubbies were most played online games with the youngest of web users from their official BBC web page, which you may recall.  As a child I spent soo much time on the Cbeebies website, and I would mostly play the teletubby games 😅.

Here are some of the most famous old Teletubbies games on Cbeebies:

  • Colour Story

  • Teletubbies Hide and Seek

Teletubbies Hide and Seek game

Game Link: https://www.play-games.com/game/16337/teletubbies-hide-and-seek.html

  • Animal Parade

animal parade teletubbies

Game Link: https://igrezadecu.com/teletubbies/teletubbies.html

  • Teletubbies – Count Game

Game Link: https://www.gameszap.com/game/1492/count-teletubbies.html

  • Teletubbies – My Teletubbyland

Teletubbies - My Teletubbyland

Game Link: https://www.play-games.com/game/11439/my-teletubbyland.html

  • Teletubbies Shapes Game

Teletubbies Shapes Game

Game Link: https://www.gameszap.com/game/1511/teletubbies-shapes-game.html

  • Teletubbies Winter

teletubbies winter game CBeebies

Game Link: https://www.games-kids.com/game/13526/teletubbies-winter-game.html

  • The Noo-Noo’s Sucky Slurpy Game!

Game Link: https://www.to14.com/game.php?id=4d486a2b68a0a

  • CBeebies New Year Countdown

  • Teletubbies – Little Bo Peep Story Game

Teletubbies - Little Bo Peep Story Game

Game Link: https://www.play-games.com/game/16335/little-bo-peep.html

  • Tubby Custard Bubbles

Teletubbies - Tubby Custard Bubbles game

Game Link: https://www.gameszap.com/game/1487/custard-machine.html

  • Boom Boom Dance

Game Link: https://www.games-kids.com/game/13509/teletubbies-dance-game.html

  • Sliding Down The Hill

  • Favourite Things Winy Day

Teletubbies Favourite Things

Game Link: https://www.gameszap.com/game/1484/favorite-things.html

Cbeebies Tweenies Fun Fair Game

I used to play this game so much in childhood. Fun Fair game was a flash game that was created in 2006 for the CBeebies Tweenies subsite. I loved to play this game. I kept trying to give all the food to Milo and Jake and Judy saying “You’re being greedy you must share” is engraved into my mind. It was a game version of the events from the flash tale It’s Not Fair!, and it had the same graphics. It gave me great nostalgia!

Cbeebies Big and Small House  

Cbeebies Big and Small House GameThis was the best game on cbeebies! A few years ago, a television show called Big and Small was broadcast in Canada, UK, US. During this time, CBeebies website launch this game. It was about big and tiny people’s daily lives and activities in their homes and gardens. Cbeebies should bring this game back!

Game Link: https://www.numuki.com/game/cbeebies-big-and-small-house/

Cbeebies Giggleswick Game

I love its music soo much and was soo used to play this game. It was a great game!

Game Link: http://cbeebiesgames.blogspot.com/2012/01/giggleswick-park.html

Cbeebies Boogie Beebies 

cbeebies boogie beebies

In the snack choosing part I always used to choose the unhealthy snacks. I put crisps in my lunchbox, every time. The crisps were there and they were mine. I never actually watched boogie beebies but yet I loved this game.

Game Link: https://www.games68.com/games.php?id=2083238

CBeebies: Bob the Builder flash games

Bob the Builder makes a comeback with several new Flash online games that were only available on the CBeebies website.

  • Apple Antics

Bob The Builder - Apple Antics

Apple Antics was a Flash Game from the Cbeebies website back from 2002. In this game Bob the Builder needs your help catching apples through 3 levels. Spud will throw them down, but none of his consumed apple cores will be caught. It was really a fun game!

Game Link: https://www.gamesflow.com/jeux.php?id=5043620

  • Relay Race (Sport Relief 2004)

Bob The Builder Relay Race Game

This Bob the Builder Relay Race was is a very popular. In this game you have to find the tool Bob the Builder needs. After that the relay race begins and you have to pay attention so Bob gets to the destination and repairs whatever he has to repair in this game. I was addicted to this game soo much!

Game Link: https://www.games-kids.com/game/24328/bob-the-builder-relay-race.html

Bobsville Build (Project: Build It!)

Bobsville Build Project Build It

Game Link: https://www.games68.com/games.php?id=2075544

I remember another game Bob the Builder Sunflower Park which was previously available on the CBeebies website. Unfortunately it is not available now.

CBeebies: Fimbles Online games 

Fimbles was a 3D educational video game based on the Fimbles TV show, developed by BBC Worldwide. In these games Fimbo, Florrie and Baby Pom along with their other friends make a return.

I have loved Fimbles ever since I was little! It is something that today’s preschoolers will never know about (Although it is for preschoolers).
Here are some of the old Fimbles flash games with links to play.  Enjoy!
  • Footy Game

Fimbles footy game

Game Link: https://www.to14.com/game.php?id=4d486a401e1e5

  • Music Maker

fimbles music maker game

Game Link: http://cbeebiesgames.blogspot.com/2012/01/fimbles-music-maker.html

12 Days of Christmas

Fimbles 12 days of Christmas

To play Fimbles 12 Days of Christmas game , first you need to go to Wayback Machine (archive.org) and download swf file, File is safe and I have tested it so you don’t need to worry if browser give warning. Then go to https://flashplayer.fullstacks.net/ and upload swf file, Select Flash Emulator 1 and click refresh. Enjoy!

Tots TV website and online games from CBeebies

Tots TV was a very popular web series that jumped into CBeebies in 2000’s. The CBeebies also decided to launch an all-new microsite dedicated to Tots TV and it had also launched some of Flash games, activities, e-cards, coloring-in-pages and so on.

I miss the good old days of CBeebies. 😔

Old CBeebies Tweenies Games

I used to love these games when younger. Here are some Old Tweenies Games with method to play them. Many of these games are available on bluemaxima’s flashpoint.
CBeebies Tweenies
  • Tweenies Interactive Story Game

Tweenies Interactive Story Game

To play Tweenies Interactive Story Game , first you need to go to Wayback Machine (archive.org) and download swf file, File is safe and I have tested it so you don’t need to worry if browser give warning. Then go to https://flashplayer.fullstacks.net/ and upload swf file, Select Flash Emulator 1 and click refresh. Enjoy!

  • Tweenies Ready to Play (PC Game)

Tweenies Ready to Play (PC Game)

I remember this one quite a bit, and owned it when I was younger! I feel like wanting to play it again because of its nostalgia. I found the download link.

Download link: https://cutt.ly/2VKwvVE

  • Tweenies – It’s not fair!

I feel sorry for poor Bella. She never wins anything.

  • Tweenies copy me do

  • Tweenies: Hide and Hear

I love Debbie from the tweenies and that is a good game though

  • Tweenies Fun Fair Game

I remember playing this game it gave me so much nostalgia

Cbeebies Tikkabilla Where’s Woolly Game

This is really damn stereotypical looking back at it haha

Pingu: Keepy Uppy game

A classic game of Keepy Uppy with Pingu and his pals from the CBeebies website and based on the 2004 Hot Animation remake.

Cbeebies Bat Fizz Game

Cbeebies Bat Fizz Game

The music that would just be in your head the rest of the day
As we move forward, let’s cherish the memories of the old CBBC Games and CBeebies Games and look forward to the exciting advancements in the world of gaming. Here’s to the past, the present, and the future of gaming! 🎮🕹️
Old Cbeebies games give so much nostalgia🥺, Which game do you remember the most, tell us in comments.

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