Old Cartoon Network Games : How to Play Old Flash Games in 2023?


Watching Cartoon Network and Playing cartoon network flash games were our favorite things to do in 2000s, but now zealous players of these flash cartoon network games have no longer easily access to them. Some of the famous cartoon games including, Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, I Am Weasel, The Powerpuff Girls, Ed, Edd n Eddy and Courage the Cowardly Dog were loved by kids. There were tons of Cartoon Network flash games that were removed. Some popular flash games like Batman , Samurai Jack, Teen Titans Battle Blitz,  etc. are gone from Cartoon Network website. Now in 2022, these nostalgic games cannot be easily played because Adobe Flash was shut down. You don’t need to worry because we have found out way to play these old Cartoon Network games in 2022.

What happened to old cartoon network games?

Through the 2000s, Flash was a pillar of the internet and over a period of 20 years built a gaming legacy of unrivalled proportions, a bridge of tens of thousands of games. In mid-2017, Adobe announced that it Flash would be retired from support and halt distribution of the application by the end of 2020. The main reason adobe discussed was that, the ending Flash was triggered by the evolution and maturation of open standards, like HTML5, WebGL and WebAssembly, that is providing many of the capabilities and functionalities. The flash players were officially killed on December 31, 2020. It was made necessary for all major browsers to remove Flash support either at the same time or in early 2021. With the end of abode flash. All the websites that offered games and animated cartoons or series on flash based content have no other choice but to remove them too, as they were useless. You can still play these old Cartoon Network games by some online tools and method.

How to play Old Cartoon Network Games ?

Most of internet archives websites are now a current home for all the flash-based content, as these websites started collecting all flash games, apps and animations. You can get play old Cartoon network games with archives/links to old games. There are different plugins available to run flash content in 2022 e.g Ruffle

Another practical option is BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint software. It is an offline method of playing flash games. It is a web-games projects store that started in January 2018. Now its database is grown to 70,000+ Flash games and almost 8,000 animations from different flash content platforms.

What type of plugin do i need to play old flash games from Cartoon Network website?

There are different plugins available to run flash content in 2022. You can use Ruffle Plugin to run old Cartoon Network Games from 2000s on a newer browser.  Some Games may not work in Google Chrome but you can play most of games in Firefox browser. Ruffle is a special plugin used as a Flash player emulator built in the Rust programming language. Ruffle runs freely on all modern operating systems as a standalone application, and on all modern browsers through the use of WebAssembly that does not require you to have Adobe Flash Player installed. Supporting the safety of the modern browser sandbox and the memory safety guarantees of Rust, ruffle avoid all the security issues that Flash had a reputation for. Ruffle puts Flash back on the web, including browsers on iOS and Android. Using the Internet Archive sites and Ruffle emulator allows you to play Flash media just as you used to do, even after December, 2020. If you don’t use plugin, Cartoon Network games won’t load.

Most of the generation were keen to watch the cartoons on Cartoon Network channel, ratings were expectedly high. So the Cartoon Network Flash games were introduced for these devoted players and fans of Cartoon Network. But due to end of adobe flash, these players are unable to play these games. Cartoon Network has also not responded to Inverse’s request for these games. A long ago, the Cartoon Network website was a hub for all animated things, featuring some of the awesome games that we could play in tandem with watching our favorite shows on Cartoon network. Although with the passage of time, many of the old cartoons series and thus many of the old video games have disappeared, but some of the Cartoon Network website still has some of the classic, Flash-powered video games that were popular in the early 2000s. Despite of the fact, most of the Cartoon Network Games have largely turned to mobile gaming, there is still fun to be had in a Flash-animated world. Cartoon Network summer resort games were loved by kids.

Cartoon Network Website through the years:


Some of fascinating nostalgic Cartoon Network games list you might like :


old cartoon network games

. Billy and Mandy must fend off the evil pumpkins using bananas, toilet paper, glue, and dynamite to save the town from the trickster Jack O’ Lantern.

Help the samurai to defeat all the enemies.


Mac and Bloo. Its a simple toss-and-catch game featuring everyone’s favorite group of  two imaginary friends. The goal of the game is to get the highest score that is possible by keeping Bloo away from the Millionaire’s daughter.

Kick the Can


old cartoon network games

The Kids Next Door revolutionized contraction for our generationIn this game, the treehouse has been invaded, and you must collect pieces and figure out puzzles to rid the treehouse of its enemies.

My Gym Partner’s a Monkey Old Cartoon Network Game


A group of friends including a dog Scooby-doo, reveal the monsters. Your goal is to prevent Scooby from getting too frightened by stopping the man in a ghost suit from scaring Scooby.


This game was hilarious and bit scary because of a skeleton. It was dodgeball that uses Grim as the target. In this game your mission is to hit Grim with the ball until there is nothing left of him.

SUPER SNOWMOBILE RALLY– Retro Cartoon Network snowmobile game

Select your favorite team of cartoon network famous characters. In this game, goal is to collet power-up’s and slow down opponents by tossing hazards in their paths

TEEN TITANS GO! – Battle Blitz

Five teenage super hero’s face off against five fiendish villains in the ultimate battle of good vs evil.

 What was the Cartoon Network game with all characters?

What was the Cartoon Network game with all characters?

FusionFall Heroes was the Game with all characters. Unfortunately its servers were shut down in 2018. I loved playing this game but this game cannot be played anymore 😭. Cartoon Network should bring this game back.

There are some other games that are no longer features on Cartoon network site. An honorable mention has to be given to the Toonami games which includes; The Dragonball ZSamurai Jack, and Gundam Wing, all these games deserve a nod of respect. Powepuff Girls Games like  The Powepuff Girls Pillow fight All Monsters Attack etc are also gone from the website. Dexter’s Laboratory bot brigade , Ed, Edd, n Eddy Clash of idiots, Ed, Edd n Eddy to the eds treme  also cannot be found. Old Stars Wars games on Cartoon Network website are gone. Many old ben 10 games are also gone.  Cartoon Network should also bring back these flash games and a lot of these favorite shows of children and teenagers, that were some of the greatest cartoons to grow up with. The thing they should not do is remake cartoons into a uninspired version of their former selves.

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