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How To Store Loose Famicom Carts

Loose Famicom games; unless you have Japanese cousins or are loaded like Donald Trump, chances are your Famicom games are going to be sans box. Considering the matchbox size of Japanese homes, those cardboard behemoths known as boxes enter the garbage with the same frequency as rice ball wrappers.

So with so many cute and colourful cartons exposed to the elements, how can you keep them safe? Small, susceptible to sun fade, and lacking any spine labels, your famicom carts have an undying need for a home that simply cannot be satisfied. What’s an unemployed collector to do?

During a recent trip to the Salvation Army, the solution made itself apparent in front of my eyes like the Statue of Liberty to Charlton Heston; the Kensonic Cassette Cabinet.

Famicom NES Cartridge Holder

Did you know that Famicom carts are approximately the same size as a standard audio cassette with case? This means that any old cassette storage solution will hold your loose carts in 80s-kitsch style and comfort, safe from the elements and attractively displayed for your perusal.

Famicom NES Cartridge Holder

So it may not be readily available, but it’s out there. The audio cassette drawer is the Famicom-Gods’ way of saying “we haven’t forgot about you”.

Thank you, Famicom-sama.

Famicom NES Cartridge Holder

Find the cassette cabinet on eBay and Amazon

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