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Collecting Promo Items – Donkey Kong Country CD

I’ve noticed an interesting trend recently as the retro gaming scene continues to grow. As with any collecting scene, a number if spinoff niches tend to form of people collecting even more specific and obscure items. It went from cart only, to CIB, to sealed, VGA graded and so on. I’m more of a gamer myself – that is I prefer to play my games and not worry about decreasing their value by simply looking at them. That’s why I find it mildly absurd that there is a niche of collectors focused on promo material.

What sparked this train of thought is a CD I picked up this week – Donkey Kong Country – Go Ape. It’s not an actual soundtrack to the game itself (which would have been awesome), but a collection of songs by sort of b-list (at the time) artists designed to get you pumped up to play the game. Nintendo had done this before with Killer Instinct – Killer Cuts, but I had never seen a Donkey Kong Country CD before. So, for only a couple bucks, I picked it up.


How does it sound?

Like an early 90s adolescent angst ridden birthday party, filled with cheese twists, grape soda and… Donkey Kong Country. Which makes a whole lotta sense to me now. It has some songs by recognizable artists (Radiohead, Oasis) and some that I’ve never heard of in my life (Terrorvision? Pop Will Eat Itself!?), and is on the whole forgettable. But slap that Nintendo logo on it, and this piece of shit becomes a piece of gold!

What are your thoughts on promo pieces? Worth it or waste of time? And, have you ever heard of Terrorvision??

Check out current prices for this thing on eBay.

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2 thoughts on “Collecting Promo Items – Donkey Kong Country CD

  1. KasiK0 says:

    This DK soundtrack was packaged with Donkey Kong Country in the UK.

    1. Game Kun says:

      Nice! Thanks for tracking that down, I couldn’t find any info on that thing…